Beginning of Mission Week

Arrival Day

You will receive a tshirt. It is convenient to wear your matching shorts to easily find each other in airports and such.  You will have given us your flight itinerary so we can double check in the last few hours before your arrival for any delays. Our bus driver will wait for you at the airport exit with a sign that reads Belize Christian Impact. You will have the oppurtunity to stop at an air-conditoined Chinese Restaurant if its still before three o'clock. It takes two hours to reach our base. We will have a hot dinner waiting for you. After orientation you are free to rest and get settled for a great week.


Sample Activity for Days 1-3

Painting Project

Each morning starts with all-you can eat breakfast of eggs, refired beans, toast, fruits and juice. This is followed by devotions inour Upper Room.  We head out at nine oclock for the day. A house, school or church will have been chosen before your arrival. We wil spend all day until 3PM at this location. PB&J sandwiches, fruits and chips will have been packed before-hand for our lunch. Remember to have evryone bring a water bottle they can keep refilling throughout the day.


Sample Activity for Days 1-3

Presenting at Schools

Presenting at schools may be your favorite part of the whole week! We will have 45 minutes at each school. Half an hour to present and 15 minutes to hang out, play and love on each other. Your presentation needs to be engaging, so sing, dance, dramatize, tell stories, give small gifts! Bring energy, bring passion. This is what you came to Belize to do, do it well. You will need to have practiced some before-hand. A Sunday school lesson from your church's curriculum can come in handy here. Repeat the same presentation at each school. Schools have 60-190 children each.


For lunch we will stop at a park to eat our packed lunches. After our presentations we will go to the ice cream shop to cool off in their AC dining area and also connect with family back home via free WiFi. Walkin distance from the Ice cream shop is a large Mennonite Store that you are welcome to visit too.

Sample Activity for Day 4

Day 4 - Walk thru Village

Our best method this week is to be-friend a village. Walking through the village allows us to look into the lives and homes of the people we are impacting. As we walk we stop at homes to hand out invitations to events later in the week, we ask how we can pray for specific needs, sometimes we have opportunity to join in with projects. The village people get to know us, they see our genuine care and


Sample Activity for Day 5

Visit Orphanages and Prison

Belize is a Fatherless nation, every where you go families are divided. But in the orphanages you will find children in the worst of situations. When you take time to listen to their stories you will be touched for life. Young pregnant girls, abused boys, unloved children pull at our heartstrings every time. It is important to be real, to love sincerely, as these children see many strangers who come and go. When yo return on your second trip make a point to return to the same orphanages to bring hope to children. Seeing a familiar face who came back to see them again means the world to them! Here too is a great place to have a small gift ready to give as you meet, it open up communication lines much faster.


Sample Activity for Days 5 & 6

 Village VBS

The village has seen you for a few days now. They recogize your c=face as someone that is accimpanied by fun and stories and hugs. They will flock to the village center for a few days of fun.

You are asked to bring all materials for this event, VBS or Sunday School Curriculum is great. Plan for a introduction, prayer, a few songs and a drama or dance, then split up into stations or groups and rotate throughout. Have a break where you play soccer altogether. Enjoy a snack provided by BCI, Then do another rotation, games and stop for lunch. repeat the process in the afternoon but with diffenet material. BCI requires you to share a version of the Gospel every day and to give children a chance to say a prayer for change too.

Sample Activity for Day 5

Visiting Special Families

One of the most memorable things you may do is walk into a dirt floor hut and be shocked by the happy faces you find under that thatched roof. We enjoy going to special homes that have stood out to us throughout the week/ or homes that BCI has heard about that need aid. Here is a great oppurtunity to hand out small trinkets/gifts that you've brought. Take pictures and share them with family at home from where the gifts origanted. If the elderly ladies in church sew 5 aprons for you to a=hand out to special people in Belize it is great to take pictures and bring back a full report.

Your free day/s at the end of the week

Day 7 - Excursion Day

We have two excursion options for your Excursion Day.  These come at an extra cost, we provide these for the same rate other travel agencies do.  Cavetubing/Ziplining is an exhiliarating experience, great for youth and adventurous spirits. Bring water shoes for this excursion.


Visiting the Mayan Ruins is a bit of a hike to the top. Once at the top you get to look out across miles of jungle on all sides of the temple. You can look across the Belizean border into Guatemala.


Final Day

Day 8 - Departure Day

Lots of Happy hugs and tears happen on the last day. In a few short days we have become family and forged relationships that will continue for the rest of our lives.  Friendship is God's design and because of that we feel a divine pull as some depart to go back home and others remain on the mission field.   We depart for the airport 5 hours before your departure time to ensure you reach in good time. You are welcome to take a packed lunch to avoid buying food in the airport.


God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply -Hudson Taylor

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