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How it all Began

Mennonites with a heart for Belize

In the Beginning

Harvey Plett grew up in a Mennonite home, but the Spanish Revival Nights in nearby villages intrigued him. As a teenager he snuck to their night services and watched them openly and loudly worship God. Here he began to wonder about religion and his view of God. Many years later Harvey Plett became successful in business and began giving to the poor closeby. He helped churches, donating tin for roof and wood for walls. Harvey led his family in giving to the needy as they would load up a pickup with groceries and drive through refugee villages handing out gifts. This deeply impacted the minds of his young children. Today, they are on board at BCI, leading the mission program with the same passion their dad showed years ago. Giving is always a blessing, giving Gods love will never get old.


From Americans on to Belizeans

Revival Fires

 In 2005 A missionary couple from Florida set up a mission base in Spanish Lookout, Belize with Harvey Plett's help. This mission base served as a part-time retreat center for Fountain of Life Church. The missionaries coming in greatly blessed the community and surrounding villages. Over time the Founder - Dr. Bill Craver was no longer able to keep up with the base due to health reasons and so he passed on his ministry to the Plett family who had already been coming alongside him throughout his time in Belize.  Dr. Bill Craver has a beautiful history of fostering revival wherever he leads teams. It started in 1995 when he was instrumental in the name of the revival in this city. This fire blazed on to other mission bases, reaching Tizimin, Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.


Missionaries in our Home-Country

The Harvest is Ripe

Although Harvey Plett is the director of Belize Christian Impact he is excited to release the ministry to his children and the teams coming in. He is excited to let the fires of Revival spread. Following God's fire is always an adventure. He is prepared to not predict the future but ride with God's plan for it.


The refugee villages surrounding Spanish Lookout are our main focus, just as Jesus asked his disciples to go to the nearby Samaritans first. The rest of the country awaits our ministry too and beyond. The Plett family is excited to be led deeper into areas of need as GOd provides and directs.


Much time, preparation and effort is needed for every week at BCI. We want to thank YOU for coming down, for loving on people, for becoming a living sacrifice. What a beautiful picture of love! As you are in Belize you may notice many villages we don't visit. Although we focus on maximizing your impact and time in Belize, only so much can be done in a week. Pray to the Father that He direct us where the harvest is ripest.


God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply -Hudson Taylor

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